DESIGN. NEC PLUS NAKED: Brutale RR is the king of hypernaked bikes. From the first model to today, its leadership has been centered on design, engine power and riding experience. The new Brutale 1000 RR is once again at the top thanks to the absolute quality of the components, the further advanced four-cylinder engine and benchmark electronics. And to constant updates aimed at making it even more thrilling.

EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: The carefully selected materials makes having a Brutale 1000 RR an indisputable achievement. Careful construction and design are combined with functionality and craftsmanship, as can be seen from the numerous components that come together to make this naked a style icon.

PURE MV AGUSTA SOUND: The exceptional power of 208 horses has been made even more exciting to handle thanks to the new camshaft timing, which optimizes the torque curve at medium/low rpm. Efficiency has been improved thanks to the new transmission gears which reduce friction. The countershaft introduced into the four-cylinder’s crankcase spins at twice the speed of the drive shaft and reduces the high-frequency secondary vibrations by 54%. Increased reliability and more comfort. The transmission has been beefed up and the exhaust has a new main manifold.

BREATHTAKING: There are many style elements that, in addition to making the Brutale 1000 RR the most beautiful naked bike ever, help to improve its dynamic performance. For example, the radiator casings, which are also design elements, have an aerodynamic function and generate downforce to increase the load on the front axle at high speeds, all to the benefit of the ride and safety.

GENTLE STRENGTH: Thanks to the high-tech inertial platform, traction and wheelie controls are even more effective and precise, which improves safety but also with the utmost attention to obtaining the best possible performance. The arrival of the throttle with counter rotation improves control in mid turn and makes cruise control deactivation more progressive. Torque, traction and launch control management have been updated and further perfected.

TOP IN CLASS: The use of titanium for the connecting rods and for the intake and exhaust valves is an indication of the high quality that characterizes the Brutale project. The rider interface is also a point of excellence, thanks to the 5.5” TFT panel, the multifunction electrical controls and the MV Ride App, which allows you to set numerous electronics and engine parameters directly from your smartphone. The Front Lift Control works on the angular velocity to manage wheelies smoothly and effectively, preventing abrupt drops in power. And the engine is always correctly lubricated thanks to the semi-dry sump.

SAFETY: The Continental ABS with cornering function is the culmination of a constant evolution aimed at improving rider and passenger safety. The braking system is number one in terms of power and ease of handling, thanks to the wide diameter discs, Brembo Stylema calipers and the radial pump at the handlebar. To improve ergonomics, the saddle has been redesigned, while the footrests are forged: lightweight and functional


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