The SR-C21 from CFMOTO looks to be more than just an idea. CFMOTO is turning the futurist and concept model into reality with the release of the 450SR. The 450SR offers the ideal displacement for beginning and experienced riders who desire more performance. Featuring a maximum capacity 450cc parallel twin-cylinder engine. With 50 horsepower 9500 rpm, the 400cc CFMOTO model is now redefined by the 450SR.

The 450SR has a linear output and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds, which is similar to 600cc performance. Through wind tunnel experimentation and the use of aesthetics to enhance performance, a “supercar” perspective was produced. This model has a very sporty setup with excellent track limits and track design, along with front and rear gears made for professional racing and anti-drop components. With TFT display and T-BOX, 450SR features intelligent man-machine interaction.


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